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Poking the Irish Music Industry with a stick

The Irish Music Industry Podcast picks apart the mechanism of the Irish music sector in an effort to reach some understanding of what makes it tick. The first season has been a year in the making and draws on the experience of music industry professionals from all corners of the sector. From well-worn road warriors to fresh eager newbies, all stories, advice, wisdom and occasional tales of woe come straight from the horse’s mouth. The podcast has sought out professionals from a multitude of disciplines within the sector. There are indie guitar slingers, teachers, singer-songwriters, classical pros, publishers, arrangers, wedding band drummers, entertainment lawyers, managers, booking agents, photographers, journalists, DJs, accountants, sound engineers and a host of other trades folk who all discuss how they carve out their own space within the Irish music sector.

Having spent the last 10 years teaching music students on the BA Music course at WIT, I couldn’t help but feel that many prospective music industry professionals weren’t being provided with a full and frank picture of everything that is involved in making a career in the industry. I began talking to music professionals, musicians, journalists, lawyers, agents and anyone who’d let me bend their ear, and realised that it’s not just new entrant to the music sector who aren’t getting a clear picture of the ins and outs of the music industry in Ireland. Many of us who’ve been working in the sector for years are still unclear about many different aspects of the business side of things.

When the band that I play and perform with began to enjoy a modest degree of success, we found ourselves signing contracts with management, record labels, merch distributors and a host of other companies and outfits, and even though I’d been making my living from music for most of my life, I quickly realised how very little I knew about how certain aspects of the sector work, and how all the dots join up. The interviews carried out for this podcast will draw some lines between as many of those dots as possible, in the hope of creating a comprehensible and complete picture of the Irish music industry.

Interviews for the podcast began in early 2018, and it soon became clear that a podcast on its own wasn’t going to be illustrative enough when it came to investigating and providing examples of mechanisms within the music industry of Ireland. Many topics were raised that needed greater discussion and more depth of analysis. For every podcast posted, there will be an accompanying article that provides greater detail about some topic that has been hit upon during the podcasts e.g. what does a band agreement look like, what are the roles of artist management and probably most important of all, does the Irish Music Industry actually exist? There will be one episode posted every week, with two guests featured in each episode. The plan is to release 18 episodes in season one.

The wonderful artwork used for the site has been created by Hawkie, who has made original pieces specifically for this website. Go hit him up on Instagram to see more of his work (Insta: @_Hawkie). The theme song used for season one is Everybody’s Music by The Barley Mob. That track is on Spotify, as is material by Topso, the new incarnation of that band. Keep an eye out for them at festivals and venues around the country – Topso! The podcast is funded, recorded, edited, researched, presented and all the other stuff by me, Mark G.

All articles, posts and audio are made available free of charge, and that’s how it will always be, in the hope they will prove useful to industry professionals and those aspiring to make a career for themselves in the music sector. The Irish Music Industry Podcast sets out to inform, engage, and occasionally entertain. Spoiler alert, there is some swearing involved.

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