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Does the Irish Music Industry exist?

 There are lots of bands, there are lots of venues, and there is a lot of money being generated by music in Ireland, but does this all add up to a music industry?

Band Agreement

An example of a band agreement. All the sections are explained, and there are several examples of why you may need one of these. 

Warning: This articles may contain traces of Joe Duffy.  

music management

 What does a music manager do? Where can you find them and should you feed them after midnight?

Music Publishing

A booking agent gets gigs for a band, a publisher gets gigs for songs… and does a little bit more besides. Pull up a chair, and I’ll tell you about it. 

Concert Promoters

From multinational entertainment corporations to someone putting on a gig in their sitting room, it’s helpful to know who your local promoter is and how they operate

Self Booking & Booking Agents

It’s time for the fledgling act to step on to the edge of the nest, spread their wings and leap towards the sky! Anyone know how we can get a gig!?

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